Adelaide Gutter Mesh
  • Virtually eliminate the task of cleaning your gutters.

  • Adelaide Gutter Mesh provide solutions to this age old problem

  • No more gutters and downpipes blocked by leaves, sticks, gumnuts, balls and toys

  • Improve the quality of rainwater saved in your tanks

  • Prevent birds and vermin from entering your roof

  • Extend the life of your gutter system

  • Enhance fire protection of your home



Adelaide Gutter Mesh supply and install only Blue Mountain Mesh, an all steel patented, fireproof leaf and debris exclusion system. Blue Mountain Mesh fits over the gutter in such a way that allows the wind to readily blow debris to the ground.

Fireproof - Blue Mountain Mesh is made entirely from steel and is totally fireproof. Its design prevents build-up of flammable material both on the roof and in the gutter. It also prevents against ember attack.

Bird & Vermin Proof - The strength of steel and the method of installation prevents birds, possums, rats and other vermin from entering the roof.

Self Cleaning - Small, fine matter that enters the gutter is washed away with the slightest rain.

Low Maintenance - Blue Mountain Mesh allows visual inspection of the gutter system at all times without having to remove any of the components. In the unlikely event of silt and sludge build-up, simply hose through the mesh to flush it away.

Healthy Gutters - Blue Mountain Mesh allows gutters to dry out quickly. Dry gutters are healthy gutters and will last considerably longer. Healthy gutters mean good, clear water stored in your tanks.

Unobtrusive. The components come in the complete Colorbond range and sit unobtrusively on the roof.

Approved - Blue Mountain Mesh is approved by fire authorities and insurance companies.

Safety - The risks associated with balancing on a ladder metres above the ground and walking on your roof are eliminated. So too is getting your hands scratched and cut while cleaning your gutters.